Different women, different stories, different stages in life, crises, joys. We were connected by the need of the heart - to create beautiful things, in the rhythm of words, with the recognition of femininity, delicacy, self-acceptance and in the spirit of bodypositive. The need to share, support each other and exchange energy. Good, positive, warm energy. In respect for yourself, your body, spirit, but also the environment and nature.

We wanted to create a product that we ourselves lacked - democratic clothing in which every woman would look and feel great. Regardless of size, age, profession - for us #you are perfect just the way you are. From this idea, kimonos were created - wonderfully enveloping, from which you can conjure up a styling for every occasion and every mood.

But we didn't want to stop there. Kimonos are the base, but summer dresses as well as warm, quilted or woolen covers join our offer seasonally. We work on each model until we are 100% satisfied with it. We set ourselves a condition: SoulSisters has to be authentic, without filters. We do not compromise on the quality of both our work and our products. We wear, test on ourselves and women close to us, improve - until perfection. We want to give women the product they need, in the quality they deserve.

Every day we create an ethical, authentic, feminine business. We support each other because, although we are different, we are women. We are united by an ancient energy that allows us to create incredible things by walking together. We want this energy to flow further, together with our products.